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Cacay Nut: Sustainable Hero Ingredient

The Colombian cacay nut is emerging as a hero ingredient in skincare, offering sustainable farming options in the South American country as interest in natural oils continues to grow.

The cacay nut is in high demand thanks to its protein- and vitamin-rich formulation that has the potential to nourish, soften and repair damaged skin – perfect for the anti-ageing market.

Beauty brands are exploring and experimenting with oils such as argan and jojoba as well as under-researched exotic plants, a response to rising demand for natural oils (see The Rise of Oil in Beauty). US sales of face oils have grown 24% to $42 million over the past year, according to data from market research company NPD Group.

Kahai, a Bogota-based brand highlighted in this year’s Cosmoprof report, is leading the trend, harvesting and processing cacay nuts from both wild trees and new plantations into oil. The brand is expecting to double sales this year, reports Bloomberg.

Profits aside, the boom in interest offers sustainable and fair living opportunities to local farmers. Beauty brands can give back to the community and strengthen an ethical image by offering Colombians an alternative income source and ethically processing the nut (Kahai was founded on this philosophy).

The growing demand for wild, collected products is putting pressure on species and ecosystems. Thus there’s a need for FairWild certification standards, which ensure crops are both fairly traded and sustainably harvested. See Rethinking Beauty: Sustainability for more.

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It creates higher natural levels of resistance to pests and
disease. Best Smoothies ever lovely


Productos Premium de Cacay de Origen Sostenible

Kahai SAS Bogotá, Colombia

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Due to its high nutritional value, large size and full flavor, it is considered a "Super Nut". It is rich in Proteins and Minerals; among nuts, it is the highest in Omegas and Fiber, and the lowest in Carbs.

Its consumption helps cholesterol lowering, improves intestinal transit and it is ideal for diets. Cacay nuts are very tasty and compared to other nuts it is the crunchiest, which is desirable in the industry as nuts are added to foods to improve texture.


It's a 100% natural anti-aging with clinical studies that prove its efficacy. Its high content of Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E, and Retinol helps prevent and combat the main signs of aging. • Quick absorption that leaves no oily feeling • Mild nutty scent that fades fast • Food Grade Ingredient • Compliante with Cosmos and Natural Ecocert standards.   DOWNLOAD TECHNICAL SHEET | DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

The remaining flour after extracting the oil is a higly nutritious food suplement. It is a vegetable protein, gluten-free and naturally rich in fiber, omegas and calcium.

It contains 4 times more protein than Quinoa, twice as much as Almond flour and is more digestible than soy meal. It is a complete protein as it has the 9 essential amino acids BCAAs (branched) and a high content of L-arginine. 


The Cacay tree is a treasure of our biodiversity, its leaves produce a very sweet nectar that is collected by bees and converted into this unique, nutritious, and delicious honey.

Help us preserve bees and contribute to pollination for the well-being of our planet.
• Monofloral Honey
• Delicious taste
• Not cloying
• Light and easy to spread
• Does not crystallize
• Quality assurance, own apiaries

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